EXPLOITSYS is a start-up created from the dynamics of university-business partnerships, dedicated to the design and development of information systems (software and hardware).


Our team is composed by elements whose professional experience has a strong connection with the Intelligent Transport Systems field, having participated in several projects applied to various business scenarios, in cooperation with some of the major companies in Portugal. The team also has a background in the academic community, specifically with the Higher Institute of Engineering of Lisbon (ISEL), through the participation in several research and development projects.


Our typical project consists in finding solutions for multidisciplinary, complex, operational problems, in large organizations involving multiple vendors and technological platforms. These projects are developed by multidisciplinary teams in all project stages, from planning, to design and development of the information systems (software), complemented with electronics, mechanics and others.


EXPLOITSYS is highly focused in product development, from embedded systems to autonomous software components. Going into any project the focus is what can be reused and what can be turned into a viable product for other partners.