Junho 2014

EXPLOITSYS will be at the ITS Portugal event “Transport Ecosystem” at the Ordem dos Engenheiros (OE) building with a theme “Thinking Industry”.

The presence of some government officials is expected as well as multiple personalities from business and academic world related to the the intelligent transport systems field.

EXPLOITSYS will be presenting a 3 minute pitch for the audience among other start-ups.

You can download our presentation HERE.


EXPLOITSYS is very proud to announce that we have joined a group of companies for the creation of POLITEC & ID, an association for the development of knowledge and innovation, legally constituted since August 1, 2012.

Politec & ID’s main objectives are to promote research in open context, foster entrepreneurship, focus on training and fostering national and international partnerships, especially in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Part of the core founders of Politec & ID are the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute (IPL), Brisa Innovation and Technology, Refer Telecom, DailyWork, Whatever-SGPS, EXPLOITSYS, MarloConsult, CGD, APL Port of Lisbon and Doitlean. Other institutions are expected to join and the Association.


POLITEC&ID first meeting.


EXPLOITSYS just released its first hardware product.
The choice was a BeagleBone GPS/GPRS Cape that will enable developers in the community to use their beaglebones in projects for M2M scenarios, fleet management, remote monitoring, among others.

At the time of the release, EXPLOITSYS Beaglebone GPRS and GPS cape was the first of its kind for the beaglebone community.

You can check out EXPLOITSYS GPS/GPRS Cape specifications in the Beaglebone Wiki page or also at our product page for more information (new store available soon).

Already the board has been well receive by the community and we hope to have support in evolving this product and other that are coming soon.